August 9, 2015

KEYWORD word cloud, business conceptThe web is based on content. Any empty website or blog has no significant relevance. Alternatively, all other blogs/websites contain content of some sort or the other. As all websites are built around a broad or narrow topic, it’s text that is the most vital type of content and text is made up of words.

What are Keywords?

Keywords are phrases, words or a group of words. Keywords are the words that you type in search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing to look for some certain information. Based on those keywords, the search engines show you the related information.

The search engines don’t think for themselves. They rate you for the choice of your own keywords. You are the one who decides which one is the most appropriate keyword for that particular web page. They take you for your “word” of “phrase” and place you in the results for that particular key-word. It is therefore advisable to be very wary about the choice of your keywords.

For example, you need a limousine for your wedding.  There are many different keywords you could type: limo, limousine, rent a limo or rent a limo for a wedding.  There are many others as well.  Google is going to give you a list of websites that contain these keywords.  If you have a limousine website, it’s important that it contains these keywords so your website will rank in those results and people can find your website.



seoSearch engine optimization (SEO) involves the process of influencing the visibility of web pages or websites in search engines without paying for the service. On the other hand, keyword research entails finding and researching actual search terms that people enter in search engines during a search. Professionals in the field research keywords to achieve a better ranking in a search engine. SEO and Keyword research can be helpful to local businesses like Fredericksburg Carpet Cleaning ( in Fredericksburg, VA, through increased site rankings in search engines and increased volume of clients.


search-engine-optimizationRanking on the first page of Google for long tail keywords is one of the fastest and best ways to get your content in front of millions of people around the web. A dirty way of ranking in top pages of Google is to seek dirty help of those shady SEO agencies that “guarantee” first-page ranking in two weeks. The repercussions are bitter pills to swallow because Google will finally catch up on you and impose the fine. (more…)

avoid-keyword-mistakesFor every SEO strategy, keyword research should be the first strategy. The first step in keyword research is to think about the words you would want to rank. However, keyword research remains to be more daunting. Before you delve into keyword research, it’s important to understand common mistakes that firms make. Eschewing these errors can help your marketing strategy and help drive the right clients to your site. (more…)

keyword-research-contextAt this level, you are probably aware that keyword research is when people use certain keywords to find or research about the actual search terms in search console. A solid keyword research helps in shifting the odds in your favor.

Effective keyword research in undoubtedly an effective skill for digital marketers. Smart content marketers use keyword research to find out what topics they should write about based on what people are searching. Keyword research is also necessary for effective PPC and SEO. (more…)

google-autocomplete-toolSome few years back, I used to perform keyword research the typical way- going to the Keyword Tool, type a bunch of words; such as bachelor party – and read from the list of party events generated. Does that look pretty simple? Yes! – but the outcome was not pleasing.

Today, things are entirely different. The most common keywords are replaced if not taken and keyword research is a bit hard to figure out. Long-tails keywords and smart keyword research define the order of the day. The good news is that there are powerful tools over the web that can help you in keyword sources research. (more…)

google-seoStartups begin with a solid business idea but lack adequate financial resources. They are therefore reluctant to spend money on essential aspects of SEO such as keyword research. Each year, new search marketing tools are developed and put to use by SEOs worldwide.  Google updates its algorithms and SEOs apart.

With so many SEO tools to choose from, it becomes a bit challenging on narrowing down to the best. Powerful SEO tools help save time, energy and money. Here, we are going to look at free web -based SEO tools for Keyword Research that are convenient and easy to use. (more…)

landing-page Keyword research is very vital for any business. It is an essential way for developing a robust strategy targeting campaigns and improving search engine optimization. Additionally, it is an essential way for developing a strong inbound SEO improvement and marketing strategy. Available keyword research tools are counterintuitive and confusing, and the process of searching the right keyword tool is time consuming. Keyword tools offer you a strategic way of identifying what your customers are searching. Without the use of Google Keyword tool , we have other good alternatives. (more…)

keyword research plannerThe keywords that a business promoter selects for their online advertising campaigns can, in the long run, determine the success or failure of their market campaign. To succeed, they need to find a good combination of different keywords in various research engines as stipulated below. (more…)

leyword plannerIt’s shocking that most internet marketers spend the least time on their keyword research. This is the most critical step in deciding on a niche to promote and not being thorough can mean all your efforts are a complete waste of time. This is where the dream of topping Google results pages becomes a nightmare. (more…)

copy writingSEO is mainly the use of on-page or on-the-site and off-page or off-the-site methods to make a search engine qualify a site to be put on the top of the search engine results pages. Why is the need for a website to get placed on the top of the SERPs? The main aim of SEO is to have more traffic directed to a particular website. (more…)

RESEARCHIn the age of Google as the leading search engine, focus has steadily shifted to being visible and pleasing to the company. Why you may ask? Why would bigger corporations play to the tune of Google’s drumbeat? Well it’s simple. Google equals customers. People look for and find needles in the Internet haystack using Google. (more…)